Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: The superhero flick to see during the holidays is the new “Spider-Man.” “If Beale Street Could Talk” is Barry Jenkins’s enraptured adaptation of a James Baldwin novel. TV/Streaming: “Bodyguard,” a Netflix series about London and terrorism, is gripping enough to surmount its cliches. Music: The top-selling albums of the year are “The Greatest Showman,” “A Star is Born,” and “Hamilton.” In other words, Broadway — and Broadway-adjacent — sell. Books: I never thought I’d need to read another Oscar Wilde biography but “Oscar,” by Matthew Sturgis, is terrific. Sports: Nice to see the NY Giants show some late-season life, but in 2018 the only NYC team worthy of Gotham was the Yankees. Finally: I’m not hating so much Christmas this year. Have my meds been adjusted?

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