Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Phooey on curmudgeons like the NY Times who don’t like “Mary Poppins Returns” — I had a great time and so will you and your kids. The arty movie I ache to see is “Cold War.” TV/Streaming: I’ve been catching up with the first two seasons of “Berlin Station” — about the CIA and spies in the German capital — and it’s not bad. Music: The only Christmas song that I can bear to listen to start to finish is “Sleigh Ride” as sung by the incomparable Steve and Eydie. Books: How did I miss Caroline Weber’s “Proust’s Duchess” when it came out earlier this year? A literary and social history of Belle Epoque France, Weber’s book offers insights into the French writer’s milieu and is also very funny. Sports: Many people spend Christmas holidays watching football or going to the movies. I spend it watching Premier League soccer. Finally: Finished all your gift-buying yet?

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