Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “The Lego Movie 2”: how can you resist? “What Men Want” interests me solely because of the appealing Taraji P. Henson. TV/Streaming: When I cruise through the Netflix offerings I’m starting to feel the way I do when I cruise through the cable-TV guide: 500 things and nothing I want to watch. In other words: it’s time to re-watch “The Wire.” Music: Nothing soothes my savage breast more than listening to Lorraine Hunt Lieberson sing Handel. And nothing feels more joyful than listening to The Staples Singers. Books: Janet Malcolm has a (new) collection of (old) essays: “Nobody’s Looking at You.” Sports: The NBA All-Star game takes place this weekend in Charlotte — and I’ll be watching! Finally: It’s that time of winter when I’m suddenly, hopefully aware that the days are getting longer.

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