Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Isn’t It Romantic?” doesn’t look romantic — but that’s the point, right?… I need to see “Cold War” again before the Oscars. TV/Streaming: I tried, really tried to watch “Russian Doll” on Netflix, but mostly what I saw was yet another project inspired by “Groundhog Day.” But I have to say I’ve always liked Natasha Lyonne and her gumption. Music: My local Starbucks has been playing a lot of Common lately: make it stop! (The baristas don’t listen to me.)… Cortot playing Chopin never ceases to amaze. Books: I’ve finally caught up to Chigozie Obioma’s novel “The Fishermen” — beautiful. Obioma teaches at the University of Nebraska. Sports: All-star games bore the shit out of me, so I’ll be watching soccer this weekend, not NBA.

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