Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I can’t remember the last time there was so little to see at the cinema. This week there’s only “How To Train Your Dragon” — for the kids. TV/Streaming: The Amazon/BBC new version of “King Lear,” starring Anthony Hopkins, supposedly has parallels to the Age of Trump: normally that would make me avoid it but I like Hopkins so will probably check it out. Music: Ariana Grande is the first act since The Beatles to have the top three singles in the USA. Sigh…At the suggestion of my friend Dee Sushi, I have been listening to the Bernstein-conducted recording of “La Boheme,” starring Jerry Hadley. Books: Why did it take me so long to discover Maryse Conde’s 1985 fiction masterpiece “Segou”? Sports: Thank God there’s Premier League football this weekend — I go crazy when there are only FA Cup matches or friendlies. Finally: I can’t remember an Oscars as badly pre-produced as this year’s — but I’ll watch anyway.

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