Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: There’s a new “Madea” movie this weekend, but I want to see something a lot more explicit: “Mapplethorpe,” in which Matt Smith (Prince Philip on “The Crown”) stars as the controversial photographer. TV/Streaming: That documentary about Michael Jackson the pedophile begins Sunday on HBO…”Larva Island” and “Losers” have new seasons now on Netflix…On Friday, PBS brings us an American Masters portrait of women’s-music pioneer Holly Near. Music: The Oscars did their job: “A Star is Born” and music by Queen both got bumps in sales. Books: Can’t wait to read Andrew S. Curran’s book about my favorite 18th-century French philosopher: “Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely.” Sports: I’m worried that my Premier League team (Arsenal) will be beaten on Saturday by Tottenham. Finally: March came in like a lion; let’s hope it leaves like a lamb.

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