Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: There’s a new “Pokemon” movie but I’d rather see “Tolkien” starring Nicholas Hoult. Oh, and is “Avengers” gone yet? TV/Streaming: The romantic-comedy anthology series “Easy” returns to Netflix…The finale of “Unforgotten” hits PBS on Sunday…Josh Groban and David Foster have a new concert special on the Tinkn network. Music: Springsteen’s new studio album is called “Western Stars”: late 60s and early 70s nostalgia, I guess. And why not — only baby boomers pay for music. Books: I’m usually interested in anything by David McCullough, but I have to say that his “The Pioneers,” about the settling of the Northwest Territory, doesn’t excite me much. Sports: I’m still tingling from Liverpool’s football win the other day. Finally: My nightly prayer is: “Dear gods and goddesses of the universe: Please let me live to see an American President other than Trump. (But not Pence.)

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