Your Weekend: An Exclusive Guide

Movies: I’d rather see “A Dog’s Journey” than the new “John Wick.” But “Ask for Jane,” about a secret abortion, looks most compelling of all. TV/Streaming: The “Game of Thrones” finale this Sunday is the most significant event in the history of entertainment — maybe in the history of the universe. (It is, that is, if you ask its fans.) Music: Death is usually a great career move, but I’m sorry to say that the death of Dodie Day has not brought her records back to the top of the charts. No matter: she endures. Books: My old New Yorker colleague Mary Norris has a new tome about her adventures in grammar: “Greek to Me.” Sports: I’ve lost my interest in the NBA playoffs since my 76ers were eliminated — back to soccer. Finally: This month has brought so much unseasonal cold and rain to NYC that I’m thinking of moving to Florida. Kidding!

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