Tony Awards: What I Thought

The only big surprise was that there was no big surprise. Among the winners, that is. Not a single upset. I was slightly surprised by how many awards “Hadestown” won (eight) — all my close theatergoer friends admire it much more than they love it — but otherwise the evening was strictly by the book. Ali Stroker (pictured) deservedly won her category. My favorite acceptance speeches all came from older people: Elaine May, Andre de Shields, and Mart Crowley. The broadcast’s producers, however, didn’t think much of the seniors: legend Rosemary Harris (honorary award) got scant screen time, and the late Carol Channing, the last of the old-school Broadway divas, got only a brief image in the In Memoriam section. I’m sure some of the producers thought: we can’t focus on old women because it will turn off older viewers! News flash: except for high-school-theater nerds, kids don’t watch the Tonys.

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