Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: It’s all about “The Lion King” live-action remake. Critics are ooh-ing about the visual effects — also that the movie is soul-less. TV/Streaming: Maybe this will be the weekend when I catch up with the new season of “Jamestown” on PBS. In other news, “The Office” and “Friends” are exiting Netflix — will the world as we know it survive? Music: I heard a rumor that Josh Groban is recording a new album filled with country-music classics, which will probably cause minor heart attacks in most of my Grobanite friends. Books: Once a week, I go to a bookstore hoping that a newly published title will ignite my interest. This summer, there’s been nothing, which is a good excuse to re-read old favorites like “The Makioka Sisters.” Sports: We’ve entered the post-ESPYs fallow season: nothing but baseball on ESPN, and something called “cornholing,” whose slang meaning apparently escapes the minds of most straight people. Finally: When it’s this hot I wish I had a backyard swimming pool. I guess cold showers will have to do.

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