Streisand Sings At Madison Square Garden And Gets Her Digs In At Trump

She showed up Saturday, and it was her first Garden appearance in 13 years. She sang most of her big hits, though nothing from “Yentl.” Ramin Satoodeh reports: ‘About 45 minutes into her show, Streisand paused to salute the high-profile Democrats in the house, including former New York Mayor David Dinkins, Al Sharpton, Congressman Jerry Nadler and Bill and Hillary Clinton, her longtime friends. Streisand praised the 42nd President for balancing the budget and rescuing the economy during his eight years in office. “But being a great President is about more than just dollars and cents,” Streisand noted. “A great President needs a sense of history, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and the compassion to not let children be separated from their parents.’

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