Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is a wonderful title…But “Brian Banks” is the film I’d like to see this weekend. TV/Streaming: The third season of “Glow” is there on Netflix: women’s professional wrestling! The 1980s! How can you resist? Over on PBS, “Grantchester” and “Jamestown” have their season finales on Sunday. Music: The Tarantino movie has spawned a best-selling album, but Quentin will never top the music on his 1997 “Jackie Brown.” Books: What a loss to letters this week when Toni Morrison died! I prefer the earlier books (“Sula” and “Song of Solomon”) to the mid-career (“Beloved”) and later tomes (“Home”). Sports: More British soccer this weekend: hooray! And the Mets have been on a win streak: double hooray! Finally: August is supposed to be a quiet month for news: hah!

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