Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’l pass on “The Angry Birds Movie 2” and, come, to think of it, I’ll pass on the latest Blanchett picture, which, were it about that actress’s career of late, could be titled, “Where’d It Go, Cate?” TV/Streaming: On Friday, PBS airs a production of “The Sound of Music” — you know, the musical that makes it seem as if the flight from Nazis of a GENTILE family was the War’s central act of defiance. Music: All week, I’ve had The Mamas and the Paps on my brain, specifically this one. And did you know that the audio version of Mama Cass’s solo album costs almost 80 bucks on Amazon? Books: Let me say for the record that I couldn’t give two flying f**ks where the crawdads sing. Sports: The Mets are hot, the Yankees have a terrific pitcher (unfortunately, the Astros have two), but I think I’ll stick with soccer this weekend. Finally: The kids may be back at school, but I’m still going to enjoy the summer.

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