Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Not much meat at the cinema this weekend except the action movie “Black and Blue.” Maybe it’s time for me to see “Judy”? Not! TV/Streaming: Last week, HBO’s “Catherine the Great” presented the 74-year-old Helen Mirren as the 33-year-old empress. Maybe this week will be better. On Netflix, “The Laundromat,” about insurance fraud, is short and stinging. Music: A new album from Neil Young and Crazy Horse? I’m there! Trent and Atticus’s latest soundtrack project is “Watchmen.” Books: I’m savoring “Lucky Per” (1898-1904), a masterpiece by the Danish writer and Nobel laureate Henrik Pontoppidan. Sports: The 76ers season opener was thrilling: I’m becoming a major Ben Simmons fan…Arsenal never quite give me hope that they are on the road back to greatness. Finally: The most popular Halloween costumes this year for adults are Trump and Joker: as monsters go I prefer Frankenstein!

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