Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Charlie’s Angels” has garnered a few good reviews but for me the big flick is “Ford vs. Ferrari.” And “The Good Liar” if you’re dying to see McKellen and Mirren. TV/Streaming: I mean, you have to ask what to watch this weekend? Really? “The Crown”! Music: Christmas music is unavoidable, and you could do worse than choose the latest Pentatonix….The best-selling album of 2019 is “A Star is Born.” Books: I’m re-reading Proust’s novel: pray for me…I’m also reading Orlando Figes’ latest dive into cultural history: “The Europeans.” Sports: Steve Kerr is one of the great coaches (and human beings) in the NBA, so I can’t help but sympathize with how poorly Kerr’s Golden State Warriors are playing right now. Finally: In another lifetime, I hope to be able to live somewhere without cold winters.

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