Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Yes, “1917” is impressive, “Little Women” is sad, and the “Star Wars” movie is confusing but not bad. Only “Cats” is tremendous! TV/Streaming: “The Two Popes” is now on Netflix and it remains one of my favorite movies of the year…PBS glops up the holidays with “Call the Midwife” reruns. Music: Kanye continues his Christian phase (with him, everything is a phase to be marketed) with a Jesus album released on Christmas day: resist! Books: I made it through all of 2019 without giving a damn where or why the crawdads sing. Sports: Am so happy my 76ers beat the league’s top team on Christmas Day. It almost makes up for how poorly Arsenal has been playing this season. Finally: There’s still time to stop stuffing your face before your New Year’s resolutions kick in.

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