Oscars: A Few Final Thoughts

There was always the chance that “Parasite” would upset “1917” for best picture and damned if it didn’t, capping a big night for the Korean filmmaker Boon (3 trophies). “Parasite” became the first non-English film to win the top prize, and its success also helped dampen the narrative that the Oscars this year were mighty Caucasian. If Parasite’s wins upended the otherwise splendid predictions of LW’s Rex Okpodu, they at least provided some good cheer. As did Joaquin’s acceptance speech about our species and Renee’s speech about heroes. For me, the big surprise of the night was the appearance of Eminem — he woke up all those wokesters. Laura Dern’s salute to her acting parents was swell. And Brad won! (Brad is a god.)

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