Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Fantasy Island” is the major release, but I want to see the documentary “The Times of Bill Cunningham,” about photographer Bill Cunningham…”Portrait of a Lady on Fire” is a lusciously visual story about two women in 18th-century France. TV/Streaming: I’m catching up on Amazon Prime with the French series “The Village,” about a small town in France during World War II. Not bad. Music: Why did Eminem finally perform at the Oscars? So his latest album would climb the charts. Strategy successful! Books: I’ve tried (and failed) to get into Daniel Kehlmann’s new, hyped novel, “Tyll.” Too phantasmagorical for me. Sports: It’s NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago. I like the slam-dunk contest. Finally: Presidents Day weekend reminds me how crucial it is that we oust our current one.

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