Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: It’s a sad week at the multiplex when “The Invisible Man,” starring Elisabeth Moss, is the big ticket. TV/Streaming: So happy to have new episodes of “Better Call Saul” on Netflix — as compelling as ever…Tried to watch “Vienna Blood” on PBS because I’m interested in turn-of-the-century Austria. Despite sumptuous period detail the show is cliche-ridden. Music: The Village People are allowing Trump to play their songs at his fascist rallies: the Village People must be really desperate for exposure. Books: I’m looking forward to Blake Gopnik’s upcoming biography of Andy Warhol, though not enough to re-read any other biographies of the artist. Sports: Zion Williamson is helping to turn the Pelicans into playoff contenders. Finally: Are you doing anything special for Leap Year Day on Saturday?

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