Whatever Happened To Will Farrell?

The Daily Beast comments: ‘ill Ferrell is the funniest comedic actor of the past 20 years, a master of buffoonish absurdity whose gift for juvenile nonsense—often laced with explosive aggression—has rightly made him a Hollywood A-lister. It therefore brings me no joy to report that his latest, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, is not only a two-hour slog of lavish production design and on-location filmmaking minus any trace of humor, but further confirmation that the star has gotten himself stuck in a rut of diminishing-returns repetition. What was once inspired for the Saturday Night Live veteran is now old hat, with Ferrell’s new Netflix feature (out June 26) stark evidence that he’s become comfortable regurgitating his trademark shtick—and, in the process, forgotten what made it work in the first place.’

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