Matt Damon Insists That He Doesn’t Use Slurs And What He Once Told Me On The Subject

According to Variety: Matt Damon is insisting that he has never used the “f-slur” following backlash from a recent interview.
In an article posted by the U.K.’s Sunday Times, the “Stillwater” star was quoted saying he had stopped using the offensive term “months ago” when his daughter wrote him a “treatise” on “how that word is dangerous.”
But in a statement to Variety, Damon said that he has never used the word in his “personal life” and does not “use slurs of any kind.” He also affirmed that he understands why the interview “led many to assume the worst.” Years ago, I interviewed Damon for The Advocate. We had a wide-ranging discussion of gay issues, which provide some context for his latest statements. Here’s the Advocate interview.

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