Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I saw the trailer for the new “Scream” movie and it didn’t make me scream — and that’s a problem. But horror-flick fans won’t care…TV/Screaming: On Sunday, be sure to watch “Somebody Somewhere,” the new HBO series starring the exuberant cabaret artist Bridget Everett…When I want something warm and cozy on these cold winter nights I watch last season and the new PBS season of “All Creatures Great and Small”…I understand why “Emily in Paris,” on Netflix, has so many fans — it’s fun and frivolous about urban life, like the old “Sex and the City” — but it makes me feel old. (And I am!)…Books: You’re not well-read — I mean, SERIOUSLY well-read — if you haven’t finished Miklos Banffy’s Hungarian novels “The Transylvanian Trilogy”…Music: “Dawn FM,” the new album from The Weeknd, contains loads of peppy, percolating melodies…Sports: Why does the thought of the Packers making the Super Bowl depress me? The answer is in two words: Aaron Rodgers.

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