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Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: From what I’m hearing, the new “Indiana Jones” suffers mightily from not having Spielberg behind … Read more »

A Lovely Actor: R.I.P.

Corenswet, Juilliard Grad, Is New Superman

Angela Bassett Finally Getting Her Oscar

It’s an honorary one, to be doled out later this year, but at least she’s being … Read more »

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’m not surprised “The Flast” bombed at the box office: it looked cheap and obvious…TV/Streaming: … Read more »

Zuckerberg May Cage-Fight Musk

And for a follow-up may we have Trump and Christie in a pie-eating contest?

Shunned, Boycotted, Insulted And Exiled: France Treated Gilot Worse Than Picasso Did

The Guardian: “When she walked out on Picasso, he destroyed her art and waged war on … Read more »