Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: There’s a new “Expenda4bles.” I’m a Jason Statham fan, but that’s not enough to get me to a cinema…TV/Streaming: It’s time for another “Ted Lasso” binge — I need a good laugh…”Van der Valk,” the Dutch detective on PBS’s Sunday line-up, is as spiky as ever…Music: Seems as if we’ve been waiting years for Dolly Parton to release her goddamn rock album. It’s now November 17th…Not to be outdone, Streisand is releasing two new/old albums at the same time: greatest hits and remastered “Yentl”…Books: The latest Zadie Smith novel was a disappointment. Time to re-read “White Teeth” or “On Beauty”…Sports: I’m so tired of reading bash-’em stories about New York’s pro sports teams. The Liberty are in cracking form in Brooklyn.

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