The F-Word: Food

Chocolate You Can Diet On

Here’s the sad truth about the keto diet: While it certainly has its health benefits, from looking and feeling better to preventing disease, there are things keto dieters miss in between all those avocados, eggs and even creamy slices of cheese.

Yes, we’re talking about dessert. Namely, gooey, chocolate-filled desserts that provide the perfect balance of deliciousness and comfort.


Why Expensive Pasta Is Better

Have you ever wondered why the cheapest box of spaghetti is around $1 and other brands sell for $5 or $8? They have exactly the same ingredients: semolina and water. So what gives?

Nothing is more exemplary of the phrase “time is money” than the world of dried, boxed pasta. Dried pasta, or “pastasciutta,” is often extruded from dies. The cheapest brands use Teflon in their dies, which enables them to push more dough through the die faster and produce more pasta in less time.

If you closely examine low-cost pastas, you’ll notice that they are almost shiny and incredibly smooth ― that’s the work of the Teflon die. To save even more time and produce large quantities of pasta, mass manufacturers then quickly dry the pasta, sometimes for only a few hours, before boxing it and shipping it.

Further details here.

How To Avoid A Beer Gut

We know beer isn’t exactly calorie-free — hello, phrases like “beer belly” and “beer gut” — but is it unrealistic to think we can stay healthy while drinking a beverage that’s used to describe a gut?

First, let’s get one thing straight. “Beer belly” is a misnomer, according to registered dietitian, food scientist and Master Brewers Association of the Americas beer steward Joy Dubost.

“The notion of the beer belly is not scientific. Beer doesn’t contribute any more caloric input than any other food or beverage item,” she said.


How To Spice Up Watermelon

From the Huff Post: ‘Friday marks National Watermelon Day, and in observance of this hallowed commemoration, I can’t help but reflect on how watermelon once made me feel like an outcast.

I was 5 years old, and living in the St. Louis suburbs. I was playing in a neighbor kid’s backyard, back when children ran barefoot in the woods and had muddy faces. My playmate’s mom came outside with a plate full of watermelon slices. I asked for some salt.

“Salt?!” a chorus of kindergartners asked accusingly, their sweaty little heads all whipping in unison to stare at me incredulously. At that tender age, I suddenly knew what it felt like to be The Other.

Salt sprinkled on watermelon. It’s a habit I learned from my dad, who in retrospect had some odd food preferences, like eating popcorn and milk (together, in a bowl, like cereal) and insisting my mother make fried chicken without the skin on (it sucked). Of his quirky food likings, salted watermelon is the one that’s stayed with me.’

Fancy Glasses Make Wine Tastier

Rose is more than a beverage: It’s an entire lifestyle for many of its fans. Instagram shots of beautifully labeled bottles, glowing against a sunset backdrop or shimmering in the sand, epitomize the best of summer.

But for all its popularity, rosé gets a lot of disrespect; often, the pink-hued sipper gets relegated to being served in plastic cups.

Glassware specialists such as Riedel are seeing an opportunity in the market and launching high-end, rosé-specific glasses that supposedly enhance the flavor of this wine. But does glassware truly make rosé taste any better or worse?


Drinking Too Much Sugar?

What typically comes to mind when you think of sugar-filled drinks?

If you can quickly list beverages like Coca-Cola and neon-colored fruit punch, that makes sense ― those drinks are filled with sugar. A can of Coke has a whopping 39 grams in it, while the brand Simply Fruit Punch packs 35 grams per bottle.

If you’re eating a standard 2,000 calorie-per-day diet, you should only be consuming about 25 grams of added sugar per day, according to the American Heart Association. So if you’ve managed to give up both Coca-Cola and fruit punch, you’re on the right track.

Unfortunately, soda and sugary punches are hardly where the high-sugar drink saga ends. Sugar is hiding in way more beverages than you think.


Best 10 “Instant Pot” Recipes

It should come as no surprise that the cult-favorite Instant Pot sold like hotcakes as part of Amazon Prime Day on July 16-17. The popular multicooker sold out in just 19 hours, including a four-hour glitch when the site wasn’t working properly.

It’s no coincidence that on that same day, searches for Instant Pot recipes shot up 152 percent on Pinterest. Home cooks wanted to know what exactly they should be brewing with their new gadget.

Because there are more than 9 million Instant Pot recipes on Pinterest, sorting through the winners and losers can be overwhelming. But we’re about to make that really easy for you.

Pinterest shared its 10 most popular Instant Pot recipes from 2018 so far, and we’ve got them for you right here. From mac and cheese to chicken that falls right off the bone, take your new Instant Pot for a spin with these fan favorites.