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Recipes For Leftover Mashed


Thanksgiving: Ban The Kids’ Table!

The kids’ table is as much a part of Thanksgiving as all the other elements ― like the turkey, the pie, arguing about politics and eating leftovers while you argue about politics the next day.

It’s time to fly that kids’ table into the sun.

Some Thanksgiving traditions are perfect and should never be retired ― drinking bourbon and watching football come to mind ― but the kids’ table is not one of them.


Pumpkin Brownies — Better Than Pie!

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good pumpkin pie, but every Thanksgiving I try to push the boundaries of this festive gourd. To venture away from monotony, I’ve made every type of pumpkin pie-inspired dessert you can think of, from tarts and bars to babka and gateau Basque.

But as any holiday overachiever knows, there can be no repeat desserts. So, I present to you this year’s pumpkin offering: pumpkin cheesecake brownies.

While some may shy away from mixing squash and chocolate, I’m here to tell you this is a combo that you’re going to fall head over heels for. Think about it: gooey, fudgy chocolate swirled with dense cheesecake tinted with earthy pumpkin and warm spices. It’s every aspect of a fall dessert you want, wrapped up into a perfect square package.


Dangers Of Turkey Stuffing

The last thing you need on Thanksgiving is a foodborne illness.

How to prevent it.

How To Brine Your Turkey

Huff Post gives the details: ‘Call it a brine of the times, but I challenge you to make this the year you brine your turkey. If you’ve never done it before, it’s an easy way to add some much-welcomed flavor and moisture to your centerpiece dish. And if you have done it, I’m here to offer you my version, which I’m naturally inclined to say is the best.’

Should We Stop Eating Bacon?

There are few things more tantalizing than the smell of bacon crackling away in a pan on a Saturday morning. Delicious as it is, bacon was thought to be one of the worst foods you could possibly eat during the low-fat craze. But now that fat is in vogue, there are some confusing messages around this mouthwatering breakfast treat: How good or bad is it for you, exactly?

The answer to the big bacon question isn’t a simple one, which is why we grilled a handful of nutritionists to get all the information we could. Pay close attention, bacon lovers of the world: Here’s what nutritionists really think about your bacon habit.


Why Pronounce Bologna “Baloney”?

Caroline Bologna writes: ‘The world of sandwiches is full of debates and mysteries ― like, is a hot dog a sandwich? What about a wrap? Is peanut butter and mayo disgusting or delicious? Are cold cuts going to kill us? And why is that classic lunchmeat spelled “bologna” but pronounced like “baloney”?

That last question is admittedly personal for me. Growing up with the last name Bologna (pronounced “bo-LO-nya”) subjected me to a fair bit of playground teasing (chants of “Caroline Baloney!” and “Phony Baloney!”). To this day, I still hear silly remarks from waiters, store clerks, bouncers and even TSA agents who giggle at the sight of my name on my driver’s license or credit card. And as a reporter, I occasionally get comments from dissatisfied readers along the lines of “The writer’s name is fitting. This is a bunch of baloney.”’