The F-Word: Fun

Cindy Sherman’s Pool Float

Sure, this summer you could get an obviously Instagrammable pool float—a pegasus or pizza slice, perhaps, or whatever silly-cute object strikes your fancy. Or, you could get a slightly terrifying one instead!

For the latter, Cindy Sherman’s got you covered. The famed artist created an unusual floatie that’s now being sold on Called the “Oops” Float, it’s crafted in the shape of an iPhone. On the display screen is a bizarre, Frankensteinian selfie.

“I took this photo to send to someone who knitted the hat for me (Helene Winer of Metro Pictures gallery, actually). But, I also wanted to play around with some apps that I’d just started using and accidentally pressed a button that added some old setting onto this image. I thought it was a nice accident so I kept it,” Sherman explained in a statement. Long focused on self-portraiture, Sherman has recently taken her work to Instagram—using the normally “beautifying“ tools of Instagram selfies to create works of art. But, as far as we know, this is her first floatable art item.

The LEGO Treadmill Challenge

Best Roller Coasters In U.S.

The list is here.

Original Hula-Hoop Girl Is 94

The original Hula-Hoop girl is sitting in a café wearing a leopard-lined jacket, gold-painted nails, and Revlon lipstick in a shade called Orange Flip. She is blonde, fit, and incredibly bubbly at 94 years old—exactly the vision you’d expect of the muse who inspired the biggest sensation to hit the U.S. toy business. (And not too unlike the model Karl Lagerfeld sent down a Spring runway a few seasons back clad in a one-piece mesh bathing suit, holding an oversize Hula-Hoop beach bag.) Except that until recently, no one even knew she existed.

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2 New Dog Breeds

The American hairless terrier and sloughi are the two newest members of the American Kennel Club, the largest purebred dog registry in the world and the organization that determines which pooches make the cut for the National Dog Show you watch every Thanksgiving. Thanks to these newcomers, 189 breeds are now recognized by the AKC. Neither American hairless terriers nor sloughis will be able to compete in the famed Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show until 2017, but they will be able to strut their stuff in most AKC shows and competitions this year.

Pumpkin Porn Is Everywhere

It’s that time of year, when pumpkins take over our lives. Need proof? Just check your Instagram feed. The photo-focused app is convincing us that pumpkin can integrate into many facets of our lives. For example, it’s in our lattes, desserts and beauty routines. The squash can act as home decor, and we even carve the faces of pop culture icons into our jack-o-laterns. There’s so much of the orange stuff on Insta that it seems overindulgent and a bit pornographic, if you ask us. So if you’re deep into the pumpkin fever, take a look here at just some of the ways pumpkins contribute to humanity.

How To Clean Sponges

When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen sponge? If it wasn’t in the last 24 hours, listen up. Daily essentials like sponges and brushes are often way past due for a good washing. Keep these items looking fresh and lasting longer by following these easy cleaning tips.