“Mildred Pierce” Shoots In New York

mildredYou’ve probably heard that HBO is turning the 1946 movie “Mildred Pierce” (which won Joan Crawford an Oscar for the title role) into a miniseries starring Kate Winslet. The project is well cast in terms of the men: Guy Pearce as the scheming playboy Monte; Brian F. O’Byrne as the first husband. I’m concerned about the women: can Melissa Leo deliver wisecracks as well as Eve Arden did? Is Evan Rachel Pierce monstrous enough for Mildred’s vicious daughter, Veda? (A young Christina Ricci wold have been ultimate.) Anyway, the new “Mildred” is shooting around New York at the moment; as you can see from this handbill, on Tuesday it will arrive in the neighborhood of my website partner, Jerry Wade.