A Slight Techical Problem On LW

So I won’t be posting until later today. In the meantime, let’s pray for Notre Dame.

Another Reason To Love Dame Maggie

Because when she finishes playing Goebbels’ secretary on stage in “A German Life” (great reviews here) she’ll go right to a role in the children’s tale “A Boy Called Christmas” onscreen.

“Game Of Thrones”: What Happened

I stopped watching “Game of Thrones” years ago, but for those of you who still tune in the above video analyzes last night’s final-season premiere.

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’d avoid “Hellboy” and opt for “Stockholm,” a sure-to-disappear indie starring Ethan Hawke at his most Hawke-iest. TV/Streaming: A miniseries version of “Les Miz” debuts Sunday on PBS and on HBO there’s the final season of a little thing called “Game of Thrones”…”The Silence,” starring Stanley Tucci, is now on Netflix. Music: Billie Eilish is pop’s latest teen sensation: “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Books: I wish that Robert Caro’s new book was not a slim tome about his working methods but one of his usual door-stoppers about Lyndon Baines Johnson. Sports: The NBA playoffs begin on Saturday, and I can’t wait. The 76ers are my team now. Finally: I used to rejoice at the arrival of spring. Now it means allergies!

“Norma Jeane” At The Shed: Exasperating

Marilyn Monroe is on offer at the Shed, the new, $475 million arts center of Hudson Yards, where Anne Carson’s “Norma Jeane Baker of Troy” opened on Tuesday night. “Norma Jeane Baker of Troy” — which is less a play than a staged poem — is the premiere production at the 500-seat Griffin Theater. Carson is the esteemed Canadian poet, classicist, professor and translator, known, as Ben Brantley puts it, “for playfully finding serious links between the ancient past and the evanescent present.” Renee Fleming and Ben Whishaw (pictured) are the performers, and they are marvelous. But the evening is exasperating.

Dutch Audrey Became “Roman” Audrey

Jeff Wells writes: ‘Compare these color portraits of Audrey Hepburn — the first taken sometime in the mid ’40s in Holland, when Hepburn was in her mid teens, and the second during the making of William Wyler‘s Roman Holiday(’53), or sometime in ’52 when Hepburn was 23. Seven or eight years, the right kind of hair length and style, and especially the right kind of makeup and photographic lighting can make for a world of difference If you didn’t know Hepburn or her films, the Holland shot wouldn’t necessarily scream “glamorous Hollywood movie star to be.” It’s a portrait of a plain, pleasant-looking teenager but no drop-dead beauty queen in the making.’

Black Hole: Universe’s Greatest Art

The world is finally about to see a black hole—not an artist’s impression or a computer-generated likeness, but the real thing. At six press conferences across the globe scheduled for 1300 GMT (0900 ET) on Wednesday, scientists will unveil the first results from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), conceived precisely for that purpose.