“Beaches” Remake: Weepy & Wonderful

Lifetime’s remake of the iconic 1988 Bette Midler weepie airs this weekend, starring Idina Menzel and Nia Long. The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon and Tim Teeman, who worship the original, watched it together. Here’s their reaction. If the remake is a hit, perhaps Lifetime will consider filming the musical version by Iris Rainer Dart, David Austin, and the late, beloved friend-of-LemonWade Thom Thomas.

Timo Lieber’s Arctic Photography

His aerial shots of the lakes forming on the Arctic ice cap are a beautiful but chilling reminder of the impact of climate change. He says, “What should be pristine white is littered with blue.” He added: “I flew whenever the weather permitted. You get massive storms, fog cover – and then suddenly it’s clear again. But in summer the sun never really sets, so you can go flying at three or four in the morning and the light is absolutely perfect.”

Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2017

Rolling Stone says there are 25 of them — who the hell has time to check out 25 shows? In a few cases, release dates will be added once they’re announced. From a new David Simon HBO project to a new “Star Trek” spin-off (!) to new “Twin Peaks” episodes (!!!), here they are.

Nancy Sinatra’s Message To Trump

Donald Trump’s first dance as president with wife Melania at the Liberty Ball is expected to be scored by Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” according to the Washington Examiner, and Ol’ Blue Eyes’ daughter shared a very simple response to the news Wednesday. “Just remember the first line of the song,” Nancy Sinatra said on Twitter in response to a question asking if the Sinatra family was okay with Trump using the song at the inaugural gala, one of three happening that night. “My Way” was written by Paul Anka — who was asked to perform the song but says he can’t because of a scheduling conflict — and made popular by Sinatra in 1969. The song’s first line? “And now, the end is near.”

Walking Home From The Gay Club

Richard Renaldi has spent years photographing LGBT clubbers in Manhattan as a way of understanding his own troubled youth as a gay man. Details.

The Ideas We Aren’t Hearing: Africa? India?

Big Think makes the case: ‘Non-European thought is often underrepresented in philosophy. The rich histories of India, China, the Islamic world, and Africa are often seen as footnotes and side ventures to the thinkers of Europe. While European thought is of great use, the influence of African ideas on Freud, the influence of Maoism on many French philosophers, and the refinement of Greek ideas by Islamic thinkers cannot be denied.”’

Will Jennifer Holliday Do The Matinees?

The London revival of the Henry Krieger-Tom Eyen musical “Dreamgirls” is headed to Broadway next season. This new production, which incorporates material from the 2006 film version (namely the song “Listen”), is directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw (The Book of Mormon, Aladdin, Something Rotten!). The London cast is led by Glee and The Wiz star Amber Riley (pictured), who stars as Effie White, the role originated on Broadway by Jennifer Holliday and on screen by Jennifer Hudson. LemonWade’s spies in London say that while Amber was real great, the rest of the cast wasn’t, so they will probably do some recasting for Broadway.