Still The One: Painting To Be Auctioned

stillresize250x319_c591a9ecb17036d7ce7168efbead91f1_fc3d3ca2dc128bf8634cea3c45a0aa681567x2000_quality99_o_1avhnds9ishj1si41tb0es01ipenPhillips has revealed a highlight of its forthcoming 20th-century and contemporary art sale in New York on 16 November: a seldom seen, never before auctioned canvas by Clyfford Still. Estimated to make between $12m-$18m, the untitled painting from 1948-49 was acquired from the artist by the painter Edward Dugmore, his student at the California School of Fine Arts, and also passed through the hands of the Texas collector Edward Kitchen, before entering an East Coast collection about 20 years ago.

Amy’s Beyonce Video Slammed As Racist

I’m not a big defender of Amy Schumer but I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say her parody of Beyonce’s “Formation” is racist. Schumer mimicked choreography from the video of the “Lemonade” hit. Beyonce’s song is centered around black female empowerment. Twitter users slammed Schumer’s sketch as distasteful and racist. In a statement, Schumer thanked Tidal – which is owned by Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z – for releasing the video. Watch and decide for yourself.

Obama Reads Mean Tweets On Kimmel

The president weighed in on the Donald Trump-Billy Bush tape during his second visit with Kimmel and gave the comedian a serious answer about the “qualitatively different” way Trump has operated in this election.

Jay Z To Sing For Hillary

jayjaysub-buzz-3802-1477239793-1Jay Z will stage a concert in support of Hillary Clinton in the swing state of Ohio before Election Day, according to Buzzfeed. Details of the concert were not formally announced. The Cleveland concert will focus on mobilizing black voters ahead of the November 8th presidential election; while Clinton currently holds a narrow lead against Donald Trump in most polls in the crucial swing state, a huge turnout by the African-American community would make it difficult for Trump to capture the Buckeye State.

Henry James: A Week In October

octoberlansyer-autumnOctober is my favorite month of the year, and here’s what Henry James thought of it. This excerpt is drawn from “The Daily Henry James: A Year of Quotes from the Work of the Master,” which compiles a quote from Henry James’s work for every day of the year, and first appeared in 1911.

TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

westworld_0Westworld: With this episode, “Dissonance Theory,” the edges of What the Hell is Going On seem to be getting clearer. Revelations about Ed Harris‘s Man in Black (pictured) were a help. Grade: B+. The Walking Dead: The Walking Dead answered a long-lingering question in the season 7 premiere: Which member of the Rickatorship did Negan kill? One’s worst fears were confirmed: Negan had two victims. Grade: A-. Indian Summers: This PBS drama set in 1930s Simla has been picking up steam. This episode hinged on an unbelievable courier of explosives and ended with symbols of a dead Raj and a reviving India. Grade: B+.

Benjamin Grant’s View From Above

grantmain_1200This week, Benjamin Grant will be publishing “Overview,” a new book that includes more than 200 original images of industry, agriculture, architecture, and nature that highlight graphically stunning patterns across the Earth’s surface. The book is an extension of Grant’s Daily Overview project on Instagram. Pictured is Rub’ al Khali, or The Empty Quarter, the largest sand desert in the world, located in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.