Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “The Farewell” captured the critics at Sundance and now it opens in limited release. TV/Streaming: I’m bereft that “Endeavour” is finished on Sunday nights, so I may be forced to sample the new season of “Granchester.” On Netflix, “The Last Czar” is more watchable than I expected. Music: Queen is back at the top of the charts — enough already! I find summer the best time to listen to Doc Watson. Books: I read the first chapter of “Where the Crawdads Sing” and it was even more turgid than I expected. Sports: It’s the final weekend of Wimbledon: can Roger go the distance? Finally: Sunday is Bastille Day — I’m planning to make Marie Antoinette cake.

David To Direct Gary As Herman

Gary Oldman and David Fincher are teaming to tell the story of Herman Mankiewicz, the newspaper man turned screenwriter who is best known for collaborating with Orson Welles on Citizen Kane. Mank, the nickname for Mankiewicz, is set up at Netflix, with Fincher making it his next feature with plans to shoot this fall. Oldman will portray the screenwriter who had an outsized influence in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

She Directed One Of The Year’s Best Movies

Lulu Wang’s film ‘The Farewell,’ about the lie that changed her family forever, was the toast of Sundance and is getting raves from critics. But Hollywood nearly rejected it. Details.

How They Ruined Venice

It’s never been one of my favorite cities, though when I used to go there years ago in the off-season it could be magical. Now, Bloomberg reports: ‘Nearly 5 million tourists visited the city in 2017, compared with 2.7 million in 2002, according to data from the city’s hotels, which do not take into account the thousands of bookings with Airbnb Inc. and similar services. Meanwhile, the resident population has shrunk below 60,000.’

Joaquin Phoenix Stars In “Joker”

This version comes out in October. Phoenix has a high hill to climb, following Nicholson, Ledger, Leto — not to mention Cesar Romero!

Your 4th Of July Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I can’t get excited about the new “Spider-man” but I’m sure plenty of the rest of you can. TV/Streaming: There’s a “Golden Girls” marathon on Splash network this Saturday and Sunday. Whoopee! Music: I normally watch the Fourth of July special from Washington, D.C., but this year I think I’ll cross all the participating musicians off my list of this Trumpfest. Books: Why do all beach books have to be mindless trash? Buck the trend! Take Wittgenstein and Frege along on your summer vacation! Sports: What a weekend! The American women are in the World Cup final and there’s a 15-year-old American phenom at Wimbledon. Finally: Fireworks can be dangerous — which of course is part of their attraction.

Skinner, Alabado Do “Prada” Reading

A current reading of the in-development musical adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada took place this week, with Tony Award nominee Emily Skinner starring as fashion magazine titan Miranda Priestly. Skinner, currently playing Georgia Holt in Broadway’s The Cher Show, is no stranger to singing composer Elton John’s music on the stage, having previously appeared in the Tony, Oscar, and Grammy winner’s Billy Elliot. Starring alongside Skinner in the July 1 and 2 industry presentation was Krystina Alabado (Broadway’s Mean Girls) as fledgling assistant Andy Sachs. I can’t believe Skinner’s name on the marquee will sell tickets, but the Broadway premiere is still a long way off.