Meghan Voices Sugary “Elephant”

To no one’s surprise. Meghan and Harry ended up where Meghan wanted: in the heart of Show business — Los Angeles. Since they won’t be able to launch their Sussex Royal business, and since they won’t be doing any highly paid speaking gigs anytime soon, it’s a good thing that Meghan has her voiceover work. Starting with the Disney movie “Elephant,” which The Guardian calls “sugary.”

Your Weekend: What To Do

Stay home. Watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, TCM. Read books or, better yet, re-read a favorite book — you have time now! Listen to Mozart, Dolly Parton, Ma Rainey, Van Dyke Parks, Britney Spears, Lizzo: anything that gets the blood going but doesn’t — like a Trump press conference — get the blood PRESSURE going. As for sports, I only like live events, not historical games, so I have no advice for you there. Stay safe. Peace. Love. And cookie dough!

10 Comedies To Lighten Your Mood

Todd McCarthy gives us “a Chaplin classic, an Almodovar farce, a riotous girlfriend-com, Billy Wilder, Borat and more — all are THR’s chief film critic’s go-to laugh generators.

“One Day More”: A Quarantined Lip-Sync

“Some People Are Shits”

William Burroughs once told us that, and at this time of cuckoo Presidents and politicians we would do well not to forget the sentiment.

Just What We Need: A Diva Feud!

The Corona Crisis doesn’t relieve us of the need to enjoy inane pop-culture feuds.

Donald Glover Drops New Album

Last week, Donald Glover provided fans with a distraction from coronavirus quarantine by surprise-dropping a 12-song new album in the wee hours of the morning, which was available to stream on a dedicated website before being removed approximately 12 hours later. At 3 a.m. ET Sunday, he officially released the album onto streaming services, with a title of last Sunday’s date, “3.15.20.” Details here.