Tiger seriously injured in car accident. Sending healing thoughts his way.

Mayor Pete Docu In The Works

The filmmakers promise an in-depth look. But will they ask him if he’s top or bottom?

Martha Stewart Is Dead

Yeah, yeah, okay, I admit it: I posted this story just for the headline.

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

TV/Streaming: The acclaimed “Nomadland,” an Oscar frontrunner, is on Hulu…You couldn’t pay me to watch “Allen vs. Farrow,” on HBO: a pox on both their houses!…The AIDS-in-the-80s series “Its a Sin” on HBO Max is getting excellent reviews…”All Creatures Great and Small” wraps on Sunday on PBS…Music: All this focus on Britney Spears life has me doing my morning sit-ups to “Toxic”…Books: Hermione Lee’s new biography of playwright Tom Stoppard is long, insightful, and absorbing…Movies: I don’t know why I keep including this category on my weekend guide because no one I know goes to a cinema these days…Sports: The Australian Open movies toward its finish: can Novak maintain his dominance here?

99% Of The World Has No Idea

The Guardian reports: “In dark Netflix thriller I Care a Lot, a predatory court appointed guardian wreaks havoc, a story that’s far closer to reality than one would expect.”

Jamie Dornan: “Barb And Star”

New “Justice League” Trailer