Hayley Mills Talks About New Memoir

R.I.P., Omar

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: In time for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Paul Greengrass’s terrific film “United 93” is back in cinemas…TV/Streaming: New episodes of “Vera,” starring Brenda Blethyn, are streaming on Amazon Prime. Hooray!…Music: I’ve been listening to the cast album of “Moulin Rouge!”. Can’t wait to see it again in the theater…Books: Sally Rooney’s new novel is called “Beautiful World, Where Are You”…Sports: I’ll be “hate-watching” the U.S. Open because of how I feel about Djokovic.

Hurricane Humor In New York City

From a New York Times report on the effects last night of Hurricane Ida in the city: “The Film Forum, an art-house cinema in Manhattan, flooded during a showing of the French film “La Piscine”, leading audience members to joke that it was an immersive experience.”

Wim Wenders At Ground Zero

After 9/11 the director Wim Wenders felt haunted by the twin towers attack. As his epic photographs of Ground Zero go on show for the atrocity’s anniversary, he remembers the horrors of that day – and considers its legacy.

Danish Queen To Design Movie

Day job: Queen of Denmark. Side project: Netflix set designer.

Margrethe II, the Queen of Denmark and commander-in-chief of the Danish Defense, will supply set designs for Ehrengard, a new Netflix film which Danish Oscar winner Bille August (Pele The Conqueror) will direct.

This is not the Queen’s first commission. Margrethe is an accomplished painter and illustrator — her drawings, published under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer — were used for Danish editions of The Lord of the Rings back in the early 1970s, and she has designed costumes for productions at the Royal Danish Ballet, as well as for Danish films and television series.

R.I.P., Ed Asner