Boy George Still Sounds Great

That’s wonderful news, given how much sturm und drang the 53-year-old has put himself through over the years. The Independent reports from London: ‘At Culture Club’s first live performance in 12 years, Heaven was packed with the band’s most hardcore of fans – original vinyls were held, memorabilia phone cases were carried, supportive T-shirts worn and a banner waved with the words “Duran Duran who?” The setting, the legendary gay club hidden under the arches of Charing Cross station, also had significance; Heaven was the first London venue the band played at back in 1982. The band opened with “Church of the Poison Mind”, and from the outset it was clear that Boy George’s voice sounds as great as it ever did – a tender tenor sound that still resonates.’ Culture Club will be touring the U.S. next month: details here.

No, LW Readers, I Haven’t Seen “Klinghoffer,” But Here Are Four People Who Have

Will the protesters be back on Friday, when the John Adams/Alice Goodman work, “The Death of Klinghoffer,” has its second performance at the Met? I’m guessing the placard people won’t be out in force. They’ve made their point (a page one story in the NY Post: when was the last time opera landed there?). I haven’t seen the production, but have just read wildly varying reports here from four people who have. I’m planning to go later in the run.

Keanu Still Wants To Be A Movie Star

Promoting his new, poised-to-be-a-hit action movie “John Wick,” Keanu Reeves tells Indiewire’s Eric Kohn that “the last studio movie I did was ‘47 Ronin‘ but before that it had been a long time…probably ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still.’ So I haven’t been getting many offers from the studios.” Kohn says, “Are you okay with that?” Reeves says, “No, it sucks, but it’s just the way it is. You can have positive and negative experiences [but] for me, [that's] just not happening.” Well, there’s already talk of a “Wick” sequel, so maybe Keanu can express a little more gratitude now.

Katy Perry Won’t Barge Down The Nile

She can snag the Super Bowl, but she won’t be snagging Egypt anytime soon. Katy Perry has pressed delete on her extravagant plans to celebrate her 30th birthday in that country. The superstar singer, who enters a new decade on Oct. 25 while on a three-week break from her smash hit Prismatic World Tour, was prepping to take her entourage to Egypt for a string of parties, tourist stops and even a cruise down the Nile. But word leaked of her itinerary, forcing Perry and her team to nix the entire Egypt excursion due to “safety reasons,” confirmed a source. No word on where she’ll go instead.

Weinstein To Produce Rockettes Show

MSG Entertainment has brought on board producer Harvey Weinstein and theater creatives Warren Carlyle, Diane Paulus and Randy Weiner to retool the company’s large-scale theatrical event aimed at establishing a new, springtime Rockettes perennial at Radio City Musical Hall. March brings a mini-Christmas-size tourism spike to New York, as all those kids on spring break search for something to see. The “New York Spring Spectacular,” opening at Radio City in March, is the overhauled version of “Hearts and Lights,” the Read more »

Smithsonian Turns To Private Funding

The Smithsonian Institution said this week that it planned to raise $1.5 billion by 2017 in its first institution-wide fundraising campaign and had already raised more than $1 billion of that sum from private individuals, foundations, corporations and other donors. In an era of tighter federal funding the Smithsonian is increasing its private fundraising efforts to pay for its stepped-up ambitions at its sprawling network of museums and galleries — one of the largest collections of museum and research centers in the world.

Biopics: Why Do They Re-cycle Lies?

The new Hendrix film, “Jimi: All Is By My Side,” is entertaining – but is it true? Henry Barnes talks to the friends and families of those portrayed in biopics about the line between artistic license and lies.