“Bridge Of Spies”: What I Thought

I caught a screening of this new Steven Spielberg film over the weekend, at the New York Film Festival. It gives us Tom Hanks in 1950s New York. He plays a lawyer defending a Soviet spy. Eventually, the film moves to Berlin, where Hanks negotiates a swap for the downed American pilot Gary Powers. The movie is terribly slow at first. The chief Read more »

Controversy: Pipe Organs Go Digital

From their base in Needham, Mass., Doug Marshall and David Ogletree have set out to build the finest, cost-is-no-object digital organs in the world — instruments to rival in grandeur the world’s leading pipe organs. And by many accounts have succeeded, brilliantly. But their aspirations have also engendered hostility and suspicion among traditionalists, who see in their work a high-tech incursion on their aesthetic preserve.

Drake and Beyoncé Team Up

Drake and Beyoncé have joined forces for “Can I“. The song had been leaked previously, but Drake shared the latest version on OVO Sound Radio, his show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Listen to it here. Prior to “Can I”, the two collaborated for “Mine” from Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album.

Ted Hughes Had A Lot Of Sex

The Telegraph says: ‘When asked towards the end of his life if he had any regrets, Sir John Betjeman famously replied: “Yes. I haven’t had enough sex.” Betjeman’s successor as the Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes (pictured), could hardly have said the same. Yet a new biography leaves the reader haunted by the thought that nothing ever satisfied Hughes’s ambitions, including the many women he seduced.’

St. Ann’s Opens A New Home

I’m thrilled that this week St. Ann’s Warehouse will opens its first permanent home: a hard-earned renovation of the Tobacco Warehouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn. “I feel like we’re finishing the job I started 36 years ago,” Susan Feldman, St. Ann’s leader, said, of the hip new 320-seat theater during this recent interview. After a series of opening events, the season starts with an all-female “Henry V,” set against the backdrop of women in prison, a production with the Donmar Warehouse of London directed by Phyllida Lloyd. A women’s prison setting? I’m there!

TV Vs. The Internet: Who Will Win?

That’s the question Jacob Weinberg asks. Among his fun facts to people who have cable: ‘You pay eight dollars a month for ESPN whether you watch sports or not. It’s not the cable operators who are denying consumers the à la carte option many would prefer. It’s the big five television companies who refuse to parcel out their offerings…For these companies, the indirect charges they receive for their content have become the pot of gold at the end of the advertising rainbow.’

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “The Martian” is a good popcorn movie. “Shanghai” stars my buddy Ken Watanabe. Television: Friday brings a “POV” episode about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. “The Good Wife” returns on Sunday. Music: Chvrches have a strong new album, “Every Open Eye,” and “Hamilton” is that rare thing: a Broadway cast album selling well on the pop charts. Books: Catch up with last year’s Booker Prize winner, “The Narrow Road to the Deep North,” before the next prize winner is announced on October 13th. Sports: I think I’m finally going to have to buy a Mets cap, before the start next week of baseball’s postseason. Finally: A hurricane’s a-comin’? If you’re glued to Joaquin on TV you need some therapy.