Another Astronaut Movie?

I doubt that “Ad Astra,” starring Brad Pitt, will be better than “First Man,” the excellent Chazelle astronaut movie that came and went last year. So I’m not counting on “Ad Astra” to be Brad’s mini-comeback to the movies. More likely that will be the later-in-the-fall Tarantino movie.

Rihanna Now Richest Female Musician

Rihanna’s music, makeup, and upcoming luxury fashion brand have collectively made her the wealthiest female artist in the world, Forbes reports. The 31-year-old entrepreneur tops the financial charts at $600 million—ahead of divas including Madonna ($570 million), Céline Dion ($450 million), and Beyoncé ($400 million). The bulk of her fortune comes from her business partnership with LVMH, the co-owner of her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, which launched in September 2017 at Sephora. The line, which benefited from Rihanna’s fame and her 71 million Instagram followers, brought in $100 million in sales after only a few weeks on shelves. After a mere 15 months on the market, the brand raked in an estimated $570 million in revenue. The whole enterprise is valued at more than $3 billion. LVMH owns an estimated 50 percent of it. According to Forbes, Rihanna owns about 15 percent.

“Big Little”: Meryl Is Deliciously Evil

Kevin Fallon looks at the second season of “Big Little Lies,” premiering Sunday, and says: ‘There are some line readings Streep delivers in the first episode that are so sinister and shocking, the howl of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, that I shrieked with glee. In fact, I’m not entirely comfortable admitting how many times I shrieked at various line readings from Streep, Witherspoon, and, especially, Dern while watching these screeners.’

Who Should Play Alvin Ailey?

Good news! It was announced yesterday that Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight,” “If Beale Street…”) will direct a biopic about choreographer Alvin Ailey. Who should play Ailey? Denzel? Will Smith? How about Tyler Perry? Don’t laugh! It would ensure box office.

Drama Desks: “Tootsie,” “Ferryman”

“Tootsie,” starring Santino Fontana (pictured), won three awards and “Hadestown” won three awards but “The Prom” won Best Musical. But “Hadestown” will still win the Best Musical statue at the Tonys on Sunday, but “Hadestown” wasn’t eligible for that award at the Drama Desks. “The Ferryman” won four awards last night, and will win Best Play at the Tonys.

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Rocketman,” the Elton John biopic, is tremendously entertaining but it’s not for the kids. Maybe the new “Godzilla” is for the kids: it’s certainly not for me. TV/Streaming: All I’m doing right now is treading water until the season premiere of “Pose” on June 11th…Frederick Wiseman’s “Monrovia, Indiana” premieres Friday on PBS. Music: I plan this weekend to listen to The National’s “I Am Easy To Find.” Books: I grabbed a free copy of John Updike’s 1996 novel, “In the Beauty of the Lilies,” off a coffee-shop free-books pile, and before I knew it I had sat down and finished it. Sports: Champions League final on Saturday: go, Liverpool, go! Finally: I wish I could say I had big plans for the summer but I don’t.

Mr. Rainbow: Modern-Day Gilbert & Sullivan

According to the Washington Post (there’s a paywall — sorry): “Think of him as a modern-day Gilbert and Sullivan, or the millennial version of the piano-playing Mark Russell or Tom Lehrer — the key difference being that his get-it-out-fast production marathons and savvy use of social media bring his commentary to the public quickly, directly and with no filter.”