Hal Holbrook Dies

SNL Targets Fran & Marty: Bullseye!

Especially the way the segment captures Scorsese’s nonstop guffawing at every utterance out of Lebowitz’s mouth.

Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

TV/Streaming: “Bridgerton” is Netflix’s biggest series ever, so maybe it’s time for me to finish watching it….Speaking of Netflix, I resisted watching “Lupin” when it came out, and I’m still resisting it…I did not resist two other new Netflix releases: “The Dig” and “The White Tiger” — both of them highly recommended…Music: It seems an awfully long time since Adele released a new album, doesn’t it?…Books: Can’t wait for next Tuesday, so I can get my copy of Mark Harris’s new biography of Mike Nichols…Sports: I rarely watch figure skating, but American men’s champion Nathan Chen is that rare combination of technique and poetry…Finally: There’s a lot of mess to clean up in Washington, D.C., but Biden has made a fine start. It’s nice to feel proud of our leaders again.

R.I.P., Cloris!

Bridgerton Is Biggest Netflix Series Yet

I’m not surprised. Here are the details.

Pompidou Center To Close For 4 Years

It opened only 43 years ago and already has to close for four years for renovations. I’m pretty sure the Louvre, when completed after many years of construction, didn’t close 43 years later for total renovation. It was a royal palace, and the monarch wouldn’t have allowed it.

Spike Compares Trump To Hitler

He made the remark last night while accepting an award from the New York Film Critics. Details here.