“Rosie O’Donnell” Show Is Returning

For one night only, this Sunday, at 7 pm, on Broadway.com and YouTube, in support of the Actors Fund. Details here.

Love In The Time Of Corona

New York artist Arina Voronova has created a street art project aimed at promoting love and support at a difficult time. Details.

“Cats” Now Available: Reason To Live!

Fresh off its big wins at the Razzie awards (six in total, including Worst Picture), “Cats” is now available for streaming via iTunes.

Creativity In A Dark Time

It would be encouraging to think that during this challenging time that artists of all sorts would use the opportunity to write wonderful novels, paint stunning paintings, compose crackerjack screenplays. But so far, when I talk to such people they don’t sound as if much in happening in the creative department. They’re still filled with anxiety about themselves and their loved ones and how they will, financially, get through these weeks. Perhaps that will change as people bunker in.

“Simpsons” Predicted Tom Hanks Quarantine

Latest Costume Drama From “Downton” Creator: You’ll Run Screaming

At least that’s the verdict from The Guardian about “Belgravia,” the latest frock fest from Julian Fellowes, the creator of “Downton Abbey.

French Bulldog Dies After Finale

I guess she couldn’t stand no longer being employed on a hit show. Beatrice, who played the dog on “Modern Family,” died just days after the finale was shot.