Hanks, Roberts & Boob Jokes


Charlie Wilson’s War” doesn’t come out until Christmas, but a few lucky souls have already seen the movie, either because they are friends of the production or because they were part of test-screening audiences. Among the “friends of the production” I’ve talked to, they are uniform in their praise for Aaron Sorkin‘s script and for the performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman. As for the marquee names — Tom Hanks (pictured here) and Julia Roberts — the word is that Hanks’s character is a little darker than his usual fare and that Roberts doesn’t smile a whole bunch. One of the test-screening audience members filed this post. There’s a sure-to-become-classic line of Hoffman’s character who, when asked why Hanks’s character (Charlie Wilson) always hires bosomy women as his secretaries, responds: “Mr. Wilson has a saying — you can teach a girl to type but you can’t teach her to grow tits.”

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