Karl’s Best China: Fendi Hits The Wall

NBC Universal is gearing up for mega coverage of the Summer Olympics next year (see posting below), but Karl Lagerfeld, ever in the advance guard, has beaten the media hordes to Beijing. Today, the Lagerfeld faithful were treated to a Fendi fashion show, partially designed by Lagerfeld, on the Great Wall of China. Kate Bosworth and Thandie Newton were among the front-row onlookers. One of lemonwade’s spies was also at the event, and she reports, “There’s simply no way to describe the combination of intimacy and grandeur of this fashion show. The Olympics opening ceremonies next year will have more grandeur, but they won’t have as much intimate beauty as Karl did.” And speaking of the Games, Lagerfeld just photographed a fashion shoot in the Herzog & de Meuron-designed Olympic Stadium. For more coverage and pictures of the Fendi event, click here.

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