The Strike Is On! I Am There!

After last-minute talks fell apart at 9:30 last night, the Writers Guild has gone on strike, and production will immediately shut down on most late-night talk shows and multiple-camera sitcoms. (Dramas and single-camera comedies, for which scripts lock well in advance of shooting, should be able to produce a few more episodes out of the scripts they have.) Trying to be an intrepid reporter, I got on my bike this morning and headed to Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan, where hundreds of Writers Guild members are picketing. I can report that while I didn’t see Aaron Sorkin taking time out from his in-previews Broadway drama “The Farnsworth Invention” to walk the line, I did see “30 Rock”‘s star (pictured). Yay for Fey! Variety is reporting that writers were told not to bring hors d’oeuvres to the picket lines (“This is not a posh strike!” one memo read). I did, however, catch a few picketers noshing the contents of Dean & DeLuca bags.

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