Hey, At Least He Buys Books!


Michael Jackson (pictured, sort of) is a proud daddy, but he looked more like a mummy when he took his kids shopping the other day in Las Vegas. Bandages covered the peculiar pop star’s chin and upper lip. Dark glasses, a babushka, and a bucket hat hid the rest of his face – feeding speculation the surgically altered performer got nipped and tucked again.

Thin-lipped and pale to the point of ghostly, Jackson’s skull-like visage was photographed on a late-night shopping spree at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore with his three kids: Prince, 10; Paris, 9; and 5-year-old Blanket.

They arrived at 10:30 p.m. Sunday and stayed three hours before leaving with several crateloads of books and magazines, witnesses said. For the record, Jacko says he’s had plastic surgery only twice in his life.

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