Fiennes To Play Henry Higgins?


It was reported this past week that Emma Thompson has been tapped to write the screenplay for the big-screen remake of “My Fair Lady” that’s in the works. Earlier, it was reported that Keira Knightley is being sought to play the Eliza Doolittle role (Julie Andrews in the original Broadway production; Audrey Hepburn in the George Cukor-directed film). Now, LemonWade has learned that at the top of the list to play the Henry Higgins role are Ralph Fiennes (pictured, left) and Daniel Day Lewis. Day Lewis is about to shoot the movie version of the “Nine” musical, and I doubt that he’ll want to do another musical so soon. My money’s on Fiennes. Don’t even bother asking whether he can sing. The original Higgins, Rex Harrison (pictured, right), famously talked his way through the part — and won an Oscar for the effort.

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