Cait Doyle’s “Mess” Success

m_f2b79c2d42d7f51e630b0c0dfb348ba0To quote NBC, ‘With each day filled with ridiculous episodes and priceless characters, Cait Doyle should have her own sitcom. Armed with a lack of funding, a soaring mezzo soprano, and world class musicians Vince Peterson & cellist Dan Delaney, she turned it into a cabaret of song, story, & disaster.’ Clearly Cait Doyle is on the up and up, which is so appropriate for an actress whose onstage talent, timing, and presence is magical enough to transcend the tiny Duplex stage and speak directly to the heart of many a struggling artist in the City. Cait Doyle’s “Hot Mess in Manhattan” will be playing The Duplex on Christopher Street Friday, March 13, and Friday, March 21 at 9:30 pm.

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