Is Julia Roberts Over?

julilaThat’s the question asked by this Newsweek article, which begins: ‘Julia Roberts’s fans have always had a theory about Julia Roberts’s movies. When her hair is red and long and curly, as it was in “Pretty Woman” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” she’s at her most delicious. When her hair is short (“Conspiracy Theory,” “Stepmom”) she’s playing someone serious, and the movie is seriously mediocre. When her hair is short and blonde and looks as though it were inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt (“Charlie Wilson’s War”), get ready to hit the DVD eject button. In “Duplicity,” a new romantic spy thriller costarring Clive Owen, Roberts is poised to make her triumphant return after essentially taking five years off [hardly: she shot two movies, voiced two more, and did a play on Broadway] to raise her three children…But this may be the last time we see that Mona Lisa smile.’

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