Obama’s Iffy Theatre Manners

PD*29185772Let me say that i love the Obamas. And let me say that their visit to Broadway on Saturday night (to see “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone”) was great for New York and great for the theatre. But here’s one thing that wasn’t so great: during the show, the President started checking his BlackBerry. No one — not even the most powerful man on earth — should be so rude as to text during a performance of anything. I’m sure if there’d been a crisis of any sort during the play that the Secret Service would have discreetly informed him. Otherwise, he should be an exemplar of good manners and not text or talk during a performance, even if he’s bored. (Which he wasn’t: he made it clear after the show that he loved it.) All the same, I suppose you could say that Obama’s texting — like his sneaking cigarettes — is a sign that he ain’t perfect after all. (Another reason to love him.)

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  1. Give him a break lemonwade, our great leader has to be in touch, in case his subjects need his attention at all times.
    ps – am sure we all multitask sometimes…

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