Shocker: Adam Is One Of Those

People Adam LambertHere it is, at (very long) last: Adam Lambert in Rolling Stone, saying that he’s gay. Notice that the cover line doesn’t even hint at his sexual orientation, unless you think that the 1960s code word “liberation” is the come-on. Are we truly at a point where the public doesn’t give a shit whether someone’s gay or straight or whatever? Or, least, whether a pop star is gay? Maybe so, although: 1) Adam did lose “American Idol”; and 2) Some of those same people who don’t care whether Adam is gay are not exactly enlightened about civil rights in general. Adam’s coming-out statement comes after the jump. Meanwhile, for me the intriguing part of the interview is not the discussion of sexuality but the revelation that Adam has had “psychedelic experiences.” That is the ’60s redux! “I’m proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.”

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