“Runway,” No; “Austin & San,” Yep

Tim Gunn is God, but the show over which he presides, “Project Runway,” keeps slipping. This season’s boost up to 90 minutes hasn’t added depth to the judging; merely more snot-ass commentary from Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum (my contribution today to snot-assery: maybe Heidi’s so bitchy because she’s always pregnant and hormone-challenged). Because “Runway” no longer alleviates my jonesing for style, I’ve started to watch this new show, “On The Road with Austin and Santino,” which teams two of “PJ”‘s big former personalities: the tiny, fey Austin Scarlett and the tall, almost-butch Santino Rice. They motor about the country, bringing fashion makeovers to the masses. So far, I’ve seen their ministrations at the Cowboy Chicks Ball in Texas: Austin and Santino were quippy but not bitchy. Worth watching.

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