I’m Finally Coming Out Of The Closet

(No, not that closet: sheesh!) Okay, I’ll finally confess it: I can’t stand Christmas music. It isn’t just the incessant sound of it for a solid month that makes me want to reach for the revolver each time I hear “Jingle Bells” or “O Holy Night.” It isn’t even the religiosity that saturates at least fifty percent of the Christmas repertoire that has me bat-shit looney tunes by Christmas Eve. No, what makes me crazy is the assumption that if you don’t like Christmas music that there’s something wrong with you — that you’re a repressed, depressed, soulless, heartless, parsimonious person who needs take a chill pill and get a generosity transplant. So, to all of you people who find “Have Yourself A…” and “Joy to the World” so musically fetching, I’m providing Eric (“Monty Python”) Idle‘s classic “Fuck Christmas.” Enjoy!

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