Hardy Boy To Play Al Capone

“Inception” actor Tom Hardy (right) will play Al Capone (left) in “Cicero,” an origins story on the Chicago crime boss‘s rise to power. “Harry Potter” director David Yates is set to direct the film for Warner Bros, which is rumored to be the first of a franchise. If so, it will likely cover Capone’s childhood in New York, his teenage years as a member of the infamous Five Points Gang and his move to the southside Chicago suburb of Cicero, where he made millions running illegal speakeasies during Prohibition.

Capone’s life story has already inspired a number of Hollywood adaptations. Rod Steiger took a pop at the role in Richard Wilson’s 1959 biopic, Robert De Niro gathered his guns for 1987’s “The Untouchables,” Howard Hughes’s “Scarface” (1932) was loosely based on Capone’s life and was later adapted by Brian De Palma for his 1983 re-make, starring Al Pacino.

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