Difference Between A Nerd And A Weirdo

This article explains the difference: ‘Being a “Nerd” is now defined by having specific interests in something that is oddly specific, yet still currently accessible (i.e. the last three series of “Dr. Who,” or “Star Wars“) and is now desirable. On the other hand, being “Weird” is now defined by having extremely specific interests that most people still can’t relate to, or have no desire to relate to. These interests are so esoteric that they are actually more polarizing than desirable, so in other words, being weird is still undesirable, and if you’re weird, you’re still an outcast, which ultimately separates people who say things like “I’m such a nerd!” from true outcast weirdos.’

5 Comments to “Difference Between A Nerd And A Weirdo”

  1. Basically, a nerd can be a potential compliment. Being called a weirdo isn’t.

  2. I’m not sure Star Wars is a marker for nerd anymore. Unless half the planet consists of nerds. (Maybe so!)

  3. Liking science fiction no longer means you are a nerd. It became mainstream long ago.

  4. Nerds watch “Buffy” and dream of being one of the characters. Weirdos watch “Ice Road Truckers” and dream of being one of the drivers.

  5. This comparison reminds me of Woody Allen, who divided the world into the Horribles and the Miserables. Nerds are the Horribles, Weirdos are the Miserables.

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