So How Does Rihanna Get Away With It?

Like Lindsay Lohan, she smokes substances. Like Lindsay, she goes topless. Like Lindsay, she changes her hair a lot. So how is it that Rihanna, who has just Facebooked those booby photos of herself in Hawaii, has a career that keeps on careering, but Lindsay is the Very Model of a Modern Hot Mess? Maybe it’s because, in spite of all her shenanigans, Rihanna gets her work done and Lindsay is so unreliable it’s hard to get her insured for a movie. Also, Rihanna seems to enjoy being young and crazy, and people respond to that. When Lindsay has a night on the town, the whole experience seems obligatory, as if she has to make sure to fill her quota of paparazzi photos for the month.

5 Comments to “So How Does Rihanna Get Away With It?”

  1. You really nailed why people love Rihanna and love/hate Lindsay.

  2. Rihanna is nothing but a slut, and I fail to understand why you keep posting photos of her. Raise the tone, please.

  3. Rihanna puts out a new CD every year. Lindsay does nothing but get dressed for court.

  4. Lindsay is my idol. Stop the hate.

  5. I don’t think I would know what this person does except what I read here…

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