Heath Ledger: His 10 Best Film Roles

I played chess a few times with Heath Ledger; I only won once. He was quite serious during a match, only saying much when I asked him a question, which I tried not to do since he obviously knew I was a journalist and I didn’t want him to think I was spending time with him professionally. (We had a mutual friend.) I found him good company, with a solid sense of humor (my only rock-bottom requirement in anyone I spend time with) and a sexy speaking voice. I can’t believe he’s been dead five years exactly this week. Looking over the commemorations of the anniversary, I had to do a Michelle Obama eye-roll when I came across this list of Heath’s 10 best film roles: he only appeared in 19 movies, so choosing his 10 best is akin to saying: Meryl Streep’s 25 Best Film Roles.

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