Bette Midler To Do “Dolly” On Broadway?

Those middle-aged theater journalists — Michael Riedel, Ben Brantley, Peter Marks — who think poor Bette Midler was robbed of a Tony nomination for her flimsy, current, hit one-woman show on Broadway: they are all salivating at the prospect of Miss Midler doing “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway. Riedel has a column today about the possibility. I’ve long been a Midler fan, but I can’t say that this is a consummation of role and performer devoutly to be wished by me. I saw the original interpreter, Carol Channing, in her farewell tour of the show on Broadway, and I’d just as soon die with that memory of Dolly Levi. And speaking of death, don’t put that word in the same sentence as Miss Channing. She’s not only not dead yet, she’s better! The 92-year-old actress is going to be appearing with Justin Vivian Bond on August 24 at the place old soldiers, and old queens, go to retire: Cherry Grove. Details here.

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