Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: No big releases that look the least bit enticing, so we will have to give thanks for a smaller movie that has my favorite title of the year: “Jayne Mansfield’s Car.” Television: Take a break from watching “Breaking Bad” and “The Newsroom” in real-time with a new “Foyle’s War“? I don’t think so. Music: The Arctic Monkeys are better on record than in concert, which is a strong argument for buying their new CD, “AM.” If you want to see Joan Collins and Angela Lansbury sing together, click here. Books: I was a big fan of Scott Berg’s last biography, “Lindbergh.” So I can’t wait to dig in to his new one, “Wilson.” Sports: I just don’t think the 49ers are as good as everyone says they are. With no Yankees in the playoff picture, I’ve stopped watching much baseball. Finally: Remember when discount stores were “99 cents and less” not “99 cents and more”?

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