Madonna & Miley Unite For MTV “Unplugged”

It was probably intended as a chance for an old legend to show a young upstart how to do it. But the hotly anticipated duet between Madonna and Miley Cyrus on MTV Unplugged (taped in Los Angeles on Tuesday and aired nationwide last night: watch here) ended up feeling more like a passing of the pop torch. At the end of the hour-long broadcast, the two joined forces on a mash-up of the material girl’s single “Don’t Tell Me” and Cyrus’ hit “We Can’t Stop.” Madge came suitably dressed for her cameo but her voice was where she fell short. The 55-year-old has never been a great singer and next to Miley’s impressive range and stage presence, she was humbled. Madonna’s best days are behind her, but Miley’s best days are clearly still to come.

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