Oscar Noms: Who’s In The Lead

Gold Derby has posted its list of potential Oscar nominees. It’s all very tentative at this point, since most of the experts haven’t seen most of the movies they’re shilling. I sincerely doubt that “Unbroken,” Angelina Jolie’s movie about a heroic American called Louis Zamperini, is going to win Best Picture: inspiring, yes, but also goopy. “Boyhood” has a shot, although it may be too indie for older Academy voters. As for the Best Actor race, I’ve been saying for months that Michael Keaton has a good shot for “Birdman.” AMPAS loves older actors making a comeback. Two young Brits — Benedict Cumberbatch, for “The Imitation Game,” and Eddie Redmayne, for “The Theory of Everything” — also have Oscar-bait roles. As for Best Actress, if Reese Witherspoon wins, for “Wild,” I’ll thwow up. The two other frontrunners, Julianne Moore, for “Maps to the Stars,” and Amy Adams, for “Big Eyes,” are both overdue because of multiple past noms. But “Big Eyes” is a Tim Burton flick, and Tim Burton flicks aren’t known for propelling actors to the podium.

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