Stephen Daldry’s “Trash”: Review

Stephen Daldry‘s latest movie is called “Trash,” and is set in the favelas of Rio. (To me, there will always be only one true movie called “Trash,” and it starred Joe Dallesandro and Holly Woodlawn.) The Guardian says: ‘Daldry does what he’s been doing since his breakthrough, “Billy Elliot”; he delivers a well-crafted, above-average film that aims high but invariably falls short. That movie’s greatest strength is Jamie Bell’s performance. He was just 14 at the time…His new movie goes one step further in that his trio of young actors speak no English, nor had they training or acting aspirations when they signed on. With its heavy plotting, “Trash” hardly aspires to docudrama, yet the trio paint an indelible portrait of youth in crisis that is essential to the movie’s success.’

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